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Our focus has always been to help businesses grow internationally. Based in Johannesburg, we provide facilitation and training for small and medium businesses looking to expand their business. There are huge opportunities to exploit foreign business markets and we want to help you promote your business beyond the borders of South Africa.

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Promoted Business: Citizenship By Investment

Global Citizenship provide the practical support for moving a business offshore by providing individuals with the opportunity to purchase citizenship in a foreign country, generally known as citizenship by investment. There are man barriers to South Africans with international business interests, not least the ability to travel easily.

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It is usually commonly held that you become a citizen on the basis of the following grounds; you were born in a particular region, you acquire the citizenship status of either or both of your parents, you marry a citizen of the region or over time, you become a naturalised citizen. These are fairly standard and are the most popular forms.

At least they were until recent times. Presently, there is the option of becoming a citizen by way of investment. A rather alluring phenomenon for the wealthy who generally are the ones who are able to afford to do so and who by the way, are opting to do so because it less of a hassle than going the traditional route.